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Establish machine to machine communication. Simplify data collection, collaboration and reporting among multiple products. Engage AI, IOT and ML features easily into existing products using automatically generated code. Simple design to deliver results in minutes. Automatically gets you onto cloud environment using the power of Kubernetes. Scroll down for links to demos and documentation!

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# Document Summary
1 Pitch Deck Gives an insight into the product
2 User Manual In detail steps to use the product
3 Videos Simple videos for understanding
4 Bot Integration Power of Integration explained
5 License Terms to use the product
6 Privacy Privacy policy

Bridge PaaS Installation


Bridge Client applications

 Bridge-Web  Creative-Tool 

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Working demo with code

# Demo Details
1 PaSer Parallel and Serial events management
2 Logistics Supplier, Requester and Coordinator logic
Supplier Entity supplying a commodity
Requester Entity requesting a commodity
Coordinator Administrator between supplier and requester
3 Gamer Yes! Cosmitude Bridge can be used to make games too












Although this website was up in 2008, formal Incorporation finally happened!

Just tested our skills with Indical. We introduced a miracle in Android

Cosmitude Bridge Design started to take shape. A product this futuristic needs time

Human usable Bridge was ready and we started approaching people to use same

Bridge gets Google Cloud Platform $3000 fund under 10000 start-ups initiative

Things take shape. A great leap forward. Easy ML, AI and IOT integration ready!

Cosmitude is GCP Build Partner with $100000 fund. Two Customers onboard!

Cosmitude Bridge in Google Marketplace. We are here to stay. This is history!

Usability enhancements to support AI and voice integration. Developers will love this.

Cosmitude Bridge a complete AI controlled system. This is Sci-fi stuff and will happen!

About us

Cosmitude is a Software innovations company. We offer competitive software products that make life easy. We are a dedicated team of highly creative individuals who work towards innovation and implementation. Our Vision is boundless imagination to make life better through software. We are passionate to introduce new and innovative software products to the world. Click here for more!


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    Nagarbhavi 1st stage,
    Bengaluru - 560072, India.

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