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Bridge Software is an engagement tool. Can be customized to suit the needs of Business.

Some questions that made us build Bridge:

To get electricity today, will you build a Power station? No way! You will just get a power connection and pay monthly bills. Bridge gives similar power to your business in Software: Just start a Forum on Bridge and manage all your software needs “Bridge Creative Tool” lets you customize and update without a need to hire a software resource or company “Your software needs” at ZERO upfront cost and ZERO Annual Maintenance cost. You just pay for what you use!

What is Bridge?

* Bridge is an engagement tool. Not just chit chat. It means business and also provides leisure in one package.
* Can be customized to suit the needs of Forum administrator.
* Multiple languages are supported
* Custom report generation gives accurate information on Forum data collected.
* In private forums, machines can be added securely. Suitable for IOT related engagement from one place.

Relevance of this Technology:

1. Small traders can effectively use technology to provide E-commerce solution and service to their customers.
2. Reporting helps keep tab of sale and other data.
3. One stop solution to all the engagements a human being needs.
4. Personal machinery can be configured and controlled through this system using a simple set up. (TODO)
5. A controlled mechanism or a free for all chat window can be configured
6. Flexibility with the power to reach the specific set of people is the essence of BRIDGE.


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Read easily in words and calculate using your local numerals and style.

IndiCal is a localized calculator:

1. As you type in numerals, IndiCal provides the details in words
2. It supports multiple languages.
3. It caters to International and Indian place value system.
4. It supports local numerals
5. It supports localization

Twenty two languages currently supported:

हिन्दी - Hindi
ಕನ್ನಡ - Kannada
தமிழ் - Tamil
తెలుగు - Telugu
മലയാള - Malayalam
বাঙালি - Bengali
ગુજરાતી - Gujarati
मराठी - Marathi
ਪੰਜਾਬੀ ਦੇ - Punjabi
Urdu -اردو
русский - Russian
Arabic - العربية
Español - Spanish
Deutsch - German
Français - French
中国 - Chinese
日本人 - Japanese
Italiano - Italian
Türk - Turkish
فارسی - Persian

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